Our manufacturing facilities:
Electronic Assembly division

Metal Forming division.

KERA Technologies Inc.    Toll Free:  1-866-829-4253
Toll Free:  1- 866- 829- 4253
Automated assembly robots for the through hole and surface mount components assure fast turn around times and high quality .

All machines utilize the most modern technology available in the industry and are working under the supervision of highly skilled operators.

All subassemblies are tested at each stage of manufacturing.

For more complex products that require special components and procedures, the manual assembly stations employ personnel with many years of experience.

Quality control procedures are followed carefully to assure compliance with the standards and with customer specifications.

Separate rework area is staffed by skilled technicians to implement any corrections that may be necessary after fabrication.
E-mail:  info@keracontrols.com
E-mail:  info@keracontrols.com
The metal forming plant
is involved in the design and fabrication of all metal parts of the products. This includes metal  enclosures, metal face plates, jigs, boxes, support frames etc...

The facilities are setup to process the stainless steel, standard rolled steel, aluminum, brass and other materials.

Each product is first processed  by the engineering department using the latest CADCAM techniques and methods.

Several precision CNC presses, milling machines, brakes and bending tools are employed in  the product forming process.

Whenever required, the electric or gas welding process is also used.

The paint shop, with wide selection of colors and textures, completes the finishing of the products. Majority of coatings are also sent through the powder baking oven.
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Toll Free:
  1- 866- 829- 4253