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Heating Thermostat
Cooling Thermostat
Differential Thermostat
Solar Heating Thermostat
Digital Counter
Digital Timer
Digital Thermometer
Water Heater Controller
2.3", 3", 4", 5", 7", 12", 16", 24" & custom
Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White LEDs

Master - Slave Clock system
Synchronized clock
School Clock
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Military clock
Ship, boat clock
Submarine clock
Airport clock
Multizone clock
Up/Down Digital Timer
Programmable Event Timer
Digital Stopwatch
Digital Counter
Temperature Display
Programmable Thermostat (cool/heat)
KERA Technologies Inc.
KERA Technologies Inc. designs and  manufactures wide variety of Time Control and Temperature Control products.
We specialize in digital, microprocessor based products for the control and monitoring of the real time and real  temperature applications. This includes digital clocks and digital timers with multiple communication configurations that can be used stand alone as well as in the Master Slave Clock networks and Multizone Clock setups. Our LED Clock products are equipped with remote control units.
The large, Jumbo LED Clock models can be used as Master Slave Hospital Clock, School Clock, Military Clock, Airport Clock, Ship and Boat clock, Submarine clock  and in the  manufacturing plant or office installations. The digital clocks feature many internal options that can be utilized in special applications like: Digital Stopwatch, Count Up Timer or Count Down Timer without or with Alarm Buzzer or Siren. Our clocks can be also used as Multi Event Programmable Timers and Multi Event Programmable Thermostats for the  Heating and HVAC applications. Similarly, our LED clocks can be setup as Programmable Counters. All counters and timers can be controlled via the remote control or by using external, hard wired inputs.
The heater and chiller temperature control products are Digital Thermostat and Digital Thermometer models without or with alarm and relays, and Programmable Thermostat with Timer in the same  unit. They are used in applications like Sauna Control, Sauna Timer, Sauna Thermostat,  Hot Tub Control, Spa Thermostat, Steam Bath Controller as well as other Heating Control or Cooling Control installations. Other models like Programmable Hot  Water Tank Thermostat,  Heating and A/C ( air conditioning )Thermostat ( HVAC Thermostat ) are available for Gas or ELectric Water Heating Control and Space Heating Control.
A special type of thermostat called the Differential Thermostat is used in Solar Water Heating and Solar Space Heating. This line also includes our Programmable Solar Heating controllers. They can control the systems operating in the Solar Water Heaters with  either Solar Collector Tubes or Flat Solar Collector Panels and Heat Exchangers within or outside the Water Tank by driving the Circulating Pumps and Valves.

We can customize the existing products to specific requirements from our clients and produce special models not only at Large Volume orders but also Small Quantities OEM designs that are often feasible at a very low cost of development.
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